Sorry I haven’t been POSTING lately

Sorry guys, I know I havent been posting a lot lately, but i’m back now! I can’t wait to continue posting great things on my blog again! Speaking of which, I have been up to some really great things over the last few weeks, like for Easter I got a chocolate GORILLA! Yep, most people will get chocolate bunnies for Easter, but not me! I get a Gorilla. Oh, and then I fell up stairs a few days ago, yeah, that’s right I tripped UP stairs. I have to be a freaking guiness to figure that one out. Yep, i’m a special girl, but how about you? Have you had any “blonde moments” lately?

#1 piont of ironany: I acually happen to be blonde, so that is really ironic!

#1 note to readers: If you are blonde, (or not) please don’t take any offence to this certain post, some people may and I am NOT trying to hurt their feelings honest. I truely do not believe that blondes are any smarter or dumber than others, I mean I happen to be blonde and am actually smarter than most (NOT BRAGGING, HONEST TO GOD!!)

ANYWAY, Bye for now! 😀

What Would You Do?

For New Year’s I am going to change my blog up a bit, to make it even better than it already is, and i have already got some ideas. I was about to change it until I thought “Hey I should ask my reader’s their opinion on it”, so I am. I would love to know what YOU think that I should do to make my blog better. You can suggest post ideas, certain widgets you like, a background/header change to a certain pic, and anything else that you can think of to make this site more enjoyable for not just me, but YOU! Please leave comments about what you want…Thanks 😉




At school this morning, my class was on an amazing, fun site called, which is a site that you can play games on and answer questions to earn grains of rice for people in need, who dont have enough food. For example, there is an English Vocabulary test that every question you answer, you earn 10 grains of rice. You can earn thousands of grains in just ten minutes! It truly is an amazing site that let’s kids, teenagers, and adults have fun while doing good in the world, because as my teacher says “do good, the world needs it”!





New Year, New You…

Below are some of my New Year’s Resolutions for 2012:

Myself: Some things that I will improve upon in myself this year is to keep my room clean, and to remember to do my chores.


I will do this by putting all of my things away when I am done with them, and trying a lot harder to remember my chores.


Family: Something that I will improve upon in my Family this year will be to not argue with my sister.


I will do this by not arguing with her or getting mad when she does something wrong.


School: Some things that I will do or improve upon in my school this year are getting ALL of my homework done on time, asking for help when I don’t understand something, and to keep my desk clean and organized.


I will do this by working harder on my homework so that it will be done on time, asking for help when I need it, and I will clean out my desk on the Friday of each and every week.


Local Community: In my Local Community, I will help out my neighbors if asked, and not litter. If I see litter I will pick it up and put in the garbage.


Our World: In our World, I will try to donate to whatever causes that I can. I can do this by; giving some money to charity, like when people go to a store, there are usually those little boxes at the checkout for certain charities. I also will help by donating food into the food drives that we have at certain times of the year.

So now you know what I am going to do for MY new years resolutions, now I want to know what YOUR resolutions are.

New Year's Fireworks

New Years's Fireworks


Favourite Book(S)

My favourite book is… well I can’t choose, but I can list a few of my favourite books. Some of these are:

-The Percy Jackson and the Olympian Series ( Five books, Author is Rick Riordan.

-The Kane Kronicals ( Two Books so far. The author is also Rick Riordan)

-The Heroes of Olympus ( Two books so far. The author is, once again, Rick Riordan)

-Dark life  ( Two books so far. The author is Kat Falls)

-The Hunger Games Series ( Three books, author is

-The Twilight series (Four books, the author is Stephanie Meyer)

Any way, I could go on and on but basically ALL of these books are just so great and I would like to recommend them to anyone who is willing to read them, they are filled with, wonder, beauty, mystery, suspense ,action, love, comedy and fun.

Sincerley, Taylor


My Favourite Holiday- Christmas!

If you read the title of this post then you probably already know that my favourite holiday is Christmas, but not for the reason that you think. A lot of kids like Christmas because they get presents but in my opinion, I would love christmas even if I didn’t get a single present. I love Christams because all of my family on both my mother’s and my father’s side get together and celebrate.
On my mom’s side of the family,we all get together on christmas eve at my grandmothers house in Hamilton and celebrate there.
And on my dad’s side, we get together at my aunt’s house to celebrate.
So? What is your favourite time of the year?
Christmas Penguin


Well, I have a pretty big family. And Note that I am only going to list a few  There is:

My Mom

My Dad

My Sister Rachel

My Cats ( Swiffer, Hemi, Oliver and Jacob )

My Dog ( Orion )

My Pet Rats ( J.R , Houdini and Gizmo )

My Cousins ( Koric, Alisa, Matthew, Jason, Courtney, Emily, Amy etc. )

My Aunts ( My Aunt Lisa, Alison, Jenn, Laura and Sharon )

My Uncles ( My uncle Doug  etc. )

My Grandparents

And a lot more people, so many that is I listed all of them this post would probably go on FOREVER! But I love them all the same. They are all funny, smart and above all… Entertaining! 😀 😉

But my pets, now that a whole other story because they are cute, funny, adventurous,  Curios, Loud, and Lovable .


Below are some really cool and fun ways to get more comments:

1. Try asking a question at the end of your posts (at the end of your post ask people what they think about the topic!).

2. Make the colours of your posts fun colours like bright green or dark red.

3. Add some pictures to your post ( If you look hard, then you can even find pictures that move!).

4. Add a video to your post.

5. Try to talk about topics that people can relate to.

6. Make your posts longer.

7. Make sure that other people can understand what you are typing ( Spell-checking helps a lot!).

8. When people do comment, comment back to them.

9. Try BOLDING, ITALISIZING or UNDERLINING  certain words to emphasize.

10. And lastly, remember to put a TITLE on all your posts so that people know what it is about ( Try coming up with catchy titles, but make sure your titles are not too long).

I used a lot of these to help me with my posts and it has definatly improved the amount of visits and coments on my blog. If you have a blog then try to use these aswell. ( Also, please comment and if you do have a blog, leave the address and I will come visit your blog 😀 )

-Taylor 😀

Rememberance Day 2011

Well today is the eleventh day of the eleventh month of the eleventh year of this century. Today at school we had a awesome day. At the beginning of the day we watched a slide show about remembrance day and the soldiers that we lost… 🙁

Anyway when we were finished with that beautiful presentation (with a special thanks to our teacher) we all went back to our classrooms. We played some fun games later, like 7 up and 20 questions but all in all we had a wild,crazy,respecting, loving, fun-filled day.

I hope that your remembrance day was as great as ours 😉

Now before I sign this post off, I would like to say (or rather type) something.

 We all talk about peace, and why it is such a great thing, but what really is peace? And how do we show peace? And last of all what does peace mean to you?

Please type a comment on what peace means to you in the comment box below:

-Taylor 😀